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Train with Tarryn 

Providing Everything You Need

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Personal training

Personal Training-(in her gym) $50 per hr 

5 for $225 

10 for $450

Monthly membership- includes 4 sessions per week $700 mo 


Group personal training- (in her gym) $50 per person. 

3 max. 


In your home/ business location-$60+ 

When available. Price is travel based. You supply what we need or you can opt for a body weight workout. Price per person or a group rate can be made for businesses. 


Online training- $50-$100

Online means the use of email, phone call or text. No video training at this time. 

Hiit/circuit/spot training- $50 per plan (4week) 

Bodybuilding/powerlifting/sports training-$75 per plan (4 week) 

Add a weekly check in with me for guidance and weigh in for $25


Corporate consultation-$150 per hour. Need help designing a corporate gym for your employees/residents? Tarryn has worked with multiple corporations through NJ designing the perfect gym! 


Senior fitness (assisted living)-$60-$150per hour. 

Stretching & tai chi chair workout included. Private room visits are also available for those who can’t attend class. Tarryn works with multiple senior facilities throughout NJ. 


Kids fitness -$50 per hour. 

Obstacle course style fitness fun! 


Base Nutrition Plan- $125 a month. Perfect for anyone just getting started on a nutritional journey! Learn the how, why and when of nutrition. Plan includes a food chart, macro and portion suggestion and a circuit workout to follow (Hiit or mini gym circuit.) You also get a weekly check in with me for guidance and weigh in that can be done in my gym or online. 


Advanced Nutrition Plan- $150  per month. Perfect for serious weight lifters and athletes. This plan provides more structure than the base plan and is designed to match your serious training style to really elevate your game to the next level! Plan includes a food chart, macro and portion suggestion and a weekly check in with me for guidance and weigh in ( in my gym or online.) 

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The Perfectly Imperfect Plan- $150 a month. Designed by Tarryn herself who personally battled bulimia, binge eating, orthorexia and food addiction,  she is now here to help you! Knowing how hard it is to find recovery help that is affordable is all to familiar to Tarryn. She made this plan affordable for all costing monthly would it would cost per therapy session. Not only will you learn all of Tarryn’s successful recovery methods, you will have her by your side along the way! Plan includes a journal, a special calendar designed by Tarryn, a copy of her book and 2 sessions a week with Tarryn in her gym or online to talk and guide you through each step. Tarryn may not be a therapist or a doctor, she is someone who knows first hand what it’s like to have one of these disorders and how they can be combatted. 


Phase 2- $150 per month. Phase two is for those who have completed phase one which will be determined by Tarryn herself. There is no rush with the phases. Phase two teaches you how to nourish the body vs punish through the use of healthy foods and exercise. Entirely designed around health, well being and sustainability. Weekly check in time is included 2 xs a week. 

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